Monday, March 28, 2011

Boston Temple

Aaron and I got up really early on Saturday morning to make our way into Boston to attend the temple. It was cold, but sunny outside, it was beautiful. We don't have the luxury anymore of driving down the street to attend the Salt Lake temple, but a 45 minute drive isn't too far either. When we arrived in the parking lot I felt right at home. I couldn't stop smiling, it was such a good feeling to be back there. Everyone was so nice and friendly and helped us find where we needed to go. We even saw an old friend and stayed for lunch. It was a wonderful day. Next time we go I hope it is a little warmer and I can take some great pictures of my own. I did not take this one but I loved it and felt like it represented the day well. The trees were bare and the air cold.

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  1. Don't you love that you count on the temple and the feelings you get in the temple are the same no matter where you are. hope it's gotten a little warmer over there.