Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Surprise!! Kelly Clarkson and The Frey!

Third row was awesome! She sounds even better in person.
Although it was a little loud. I think I lost part of my hearing. Ops!

Fondue at the Melting Pot! It was not only tasty but a lot of fun
 cooking our own food. I would definitely go here again. We sat
in a special place in the restaurant called, "Lovers Lane". It was so romantic!


  1. How exciting!!! What a wonderful birthday celebration:)

  2. Lovers Lane... that' hilarious! You should update more often!

  3. Cute Blog! I can't figure out how to become an official follower of yours but it will still be fun to look up your blog sometimes. I am excited for you to visit in December. Hopefully we can get together.

  4. What a fun birthday celebration! I miss you Mel! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)