Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Preview of Our New Home

Aaron and I took a trip out east at the begining of December. We searched all weekend long to find a nice safe place to live and we finally found one. 

Theme: Cowboys

Pictured below from left to right is Valerie Rae, Jessie and Me. We are, The Twinkle. This last week we went to lunch and the movies. Our theme was "Cowboys". We ate a Cowboy Wrap and then watched True Grit. Who would ever think girls night out would turn into watching a true cowboy western and eating cowboy food. It was a great show and so fun to spend time with these girls. I am going to miss you guys!

The Lights on Temple Square

For family home evening on Monday night Aaron and I, our friends Amy and Dave all went to see the beautiful lights on temple square. This temple picture below is taken at Aarons special spot. It really is the best place to take pictures of the front of temple. I think it is beautiful, however my favorite picture is the last one.

This is my best friend Amy. Her and her husband now live in Sandy. Amy and I actually went to highschool together but never really knew eachother until we met again on our mission. After our missions we lived together at BYU.

This is me trying to be a good photographer. I am really trying to take better pictures but I really think it is easier to get a good picture with a nice camera. One day we plan on investing in a great camera.

Christmas Time

Aaron and I bought our first tree together. It was only about 5 feet tall but it was perfect for us. We put 400 lights on it, a couple ornaments and a star on top. I started a new tradition for our little family this year. A week before Christmas we hang different scriptures on the tree. Every night we get together and read a scripture together. Here are a couple pictures from Christmas.