Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Trip to New Hampshire

This is what we lived in for the first 4 days in New Hampshire. What a mess! We were so glad when the movers came and delivered our furniture. It is not that much fun sleeping on an air mattress!
This was such a fun stop. We got to spend a day in Kirtland! I even got to take Aaron on tour. It was so much fun to be back in the mission. I love it here and am so glad I got to share part of my mission with Aaron. These sister were awesome and so much fun to talk to .

Aaron is actually standing in his old bedroom in Nebraska. Some good friends bought their house when they moved and they let us come and stay the weekend with them. It was so much fun to hear all of the stories from Aarons childhood and picture them in their origional location. I loved being in his childhood home. He said not much had changed since he was there last.

Aaron and I had quite the adventure making it cross country to New Hampshire. We were on the road most days for about 10 hours. There was snow some of the way but we also got snowed in for 2 days when we got to Ohio. What a trip to remember. We had a good time though and we were so glad we made it safely.

There is Snow in New Hampshire!

So the snow is actually starting to melt now, but there sure was a lot of it. I hear from all the locals that this isn't normal. I guess we will see next year. Aaron and I are doing well. I am still looking for jobs but I have had a couple interviews so hopefully we are getting close. It is diffictult out there trying to find a job. One job I applied for had over 900 applicants. Where are all these people coming from? Aaron is enjoying his job and he is working really hard. I like hearing about his accomplishments that he has made thoughout the days. It is exciting! The ward is great! I get to work with the youth again. What a blessing! The young women out here are amazing! I already feel like their friends. There are some very nice family's in the ward, however there are no young married couples. Aaron and I are the only ones. I guess that makes us unique! I miss my family a lot and especially Utah, but I know we are out here for a reason so it helps me be happy and positive about things. I know part of the reason we are out here is for the church and for us to grow as individuals. God will bless us and hopefully we will fall in love with New England. We love you all and miss you!