Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mom for a Week

Wow what a big job mom's have. This last week I watched a family of four and I got a little glimpse into the life of a full time mother. And the verdict...... I have never wanted a family more! There were still times of disobedience, fighting and stubbornness, but over all there were sweet moments of love that were felt as we read scriptures and said prayers before bed, watched movies and ate dinner together.
I love this artist, her name is Elspeth Young. We attended BYU together and I got to know her while we were in the same ward together. She is a wonderful person and a beautiful artist. I love her work because it is so real. She creates the smallest details giving her pieces much depth and emotion. I love this piece because to me it portrays a mother caring for her young child. Something I know I want one day.

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